Chiropractic Care

Think of the spine like the circuit breaker. When a circuit is overloaded, the breaker will trip. For example, if your large intestine circuit were to become overloaded with ongoing constipation/diarrhea, the 4th lumbar vertebra could move out of alignment, or ‘trip,’ like a circuit in your home, causing lower-back pain.

Chiropractic care is both a science and an art and involves a practitioner re-aligning the structure. By also using applied kinesiology, one understands the root cause of the symptom and how to truly balance the body with a full treatment that may also include nutritional supplementation, diet, and exercise.

In the scenario described above – chiropractic adjustments would be made to alleviate lower back pain, and then nutritional support would be used to deal with the lower intestine.

Another way that chiropractic is and may be used is to take a pro-active approach to your health vs. a reactive approach. Hippocrates stated “Look to the spine first in health and disease”. Therefore, keeping the spine in alignment and the spinal segments moving properly allows the body to communicate with itself and free-up energy that may be used for other processes such as digestion, immunity, etc.