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Suffer from Lyme Disease? Here is a testimonial from a satisfied patient! 

 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in late 2010. I was showing symptoms since 2008. I went to a Lyme Literate MD in 2011 and had a metabolic panel run, Lyme test thru Western Blot, and many other tests. I was given an elimination diet and several prescriptions also including Yeast and Candida. I became very ill by November and was bed ridden till March. I thought I was going to die. I could only get up to feed myself. I had symptoms of stiff neck, brain fog, severe pain in my middle back, tingling and sleeping limbs, sound of cicada's like sound in my ears, poor hearing, off balance, nauseous, pain in knees, elbows, hands, hips, Chronic fatigue syndrome, could not sleep, work, drive and could not lift anything. I had poor judgment in many areas of my life and could not make a good decision. I prayed for help and understanding. I started feeling better and small steps to walking and eating properly. In 2012 I was getting sick again and all symptoms came back. My body was always very sensitive to antibiotics and I knew meds were not for me. I have always been very active and healthy. I did research lyme disease and co-infections and was understanding this was a huge journey I would have to take to get well.
     I went to Dr. Robert in July of 2013. Started his program by eliminating gluten and sugar. Regulated my pH balance in my body. Gave my body the support it needed and detox. Then we started intense treatment. I had several co-infection. By Thanksgiving I was up, driving, no pain at all, no joint pain, very minor fatigue and I had stamina. I Have my core strength back. I had to learn to rest. By Christmas I had energy to volunteer at school and go back to work part time. Dr Robert and I are working now to get rid of Bart and Babesia.
   I am now in a healthy mind, body and spirit. I am so happy I have my life back! Thank You So Very much for Dr Robert De Young (D.C.) in working with me to heal myself! How can I thank him enough for giving me my life back? DF


Here's what another satisfied patient had to share:

I learned about Functional Medicine Center of Minnesota through relatives who had experienced healing through this practice. I had been in a serious automobile accident 19 years ago and had accepted the fact that the pain I have experienced over the years was just something I would have to live with. After hearing about my relatives success I decided to try Functional Medicine Center of Minnesota. Over the past several months I have experienced positive changes. The pain in my back and neck has been alleviated, I no longer have frequent headaches and I am sleeping much better. Dr. DeYoung was also able to eliminate the sharp pain I was experiencing in my great toe. After a visit to a podiatrist I was told that the joint had been damaged by arthritis and was too far gone to treat. My only option was to have a painful surgery to fuse my toe. I opted not to have the surgery, and was very grateful to find out that Dr. DeYoung could help me with this issue as well. I am very glad that I made the decision to come to Functional Medicine Center of Minnesota. My quality of life has improved and I feel I am on the right path to better health.  BP


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