Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray


Jamie loves food, her family and dog, being outdoors, exercising, and meeting new people. Joyful, spunky, and excitable are her middle names. Her favorite part about working at Functional Medicine Center of MN is connecting with patients one-on-one.

At 14, she worked seasonally for an organic CSA vegetable farm. It equipped her with knowledge about food – how to grow and use seasonal produce, preservation methods, and most of all – to appreciate quality food!

In her late teens and early 20’s she became depressed, was smoking cigarettes, and her back hurt from “sad” posture. She saw the world through a victim filter and was suicidal. Life was dull and somber.

She sought chiropractic care and was taught how to exercise. She started to feel better with every visit -more grounded, oxygenated, and resilient. Her old habits were shedding off her like snakeskin – feeling better physically gave her back the joy of being alive!

Jamie loves her family and dog Daisy, being outdoors, exercising, food, and meeting new people. Her favorite part about working at FMCMN is connecting with patients one-on-one.

“It was the hardest mountain I’d ever climbed, but absolutely the most rewarding. What a breath of fresh air! I needed the employees at the office cheering me on and pushing me forward when I wanted to quit. I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did without their support and encouragement.”

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