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    We don’t treat conditions. We treat people.

    We address the underlying causes of chronic conditions and provide personalized solutions to restore health and vitality.

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Your body is a fantastic machine. It has the ultimate power to heal itself from many health conditions. We have all had injuries, strains, or pains that have healed naturally once treated – from broken bones to strained muscles to severe headaches. But when a condition does not improve on its own, when it becomes chronic, it means the body has a malfunction or blockage that does not allow healing. Identifying and addressing the blockages is the key to putting your body back in healing mode.

Improving your body’s ability to heal is possible at any age without medication or surgery!

At Functional Medicine Center Of MN, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to treat chronic pain or other conditions. Our approach is determined by your body, history, specific health concerns, and other relevant issues unique to your situation. We consider the whole person and the essential systems within your body.

Through a thorough assessment of your body systems, we identify the root causes of your conditions and address the issues that keep one or more of these systems from performing optimally. We then create a personalized care plan to help you gain your life back, free from pain, and dependency on medications.

What to expect

1) Assessment

Every person has a unique story. During a 90-minute assessment, we take a comprehensive look into your history and potential sources of your condition. For instance, we consider past physical injuries, surgical procedures, serious illnesses, emotional trauma, chemical or toxic exposures, stressed organ systems, dental issues, sleep, diet, as well as other stresses. Once we have a good understanding of the factors that brought you to this point in your health, we can create a strategy to help you recover.

2) Personalized Care Plan

Your history of stresses, traumas, and deficiencies will help give us a road map to help you get better. Your plan will include a unique combination of treatments designed specifically to address the underlying causes of your symptoms and aid in restoring your health and vitality. Your plan will consist of a schedule of procedures, specific timelines, and associated costs.

3) Treatment & Support

From the minute you start your journey with us, we are committed to your health goals. Your personalized care plan is supported by a caring staff, necessary supplement support, and state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, many exclusive to our clinic. During treatment, you’ll have regular visits to our clinic, and these are much more than a routine doctor’s appointment. Our procedures are “people-intensive”. We take the time to get to know you, personally administer treatments, and monitor your progress.

4) Lifelong Healing

Throughout your personalized care plan, we’ll review your progress and suggest techniques to help you maintain your health and vitality independently. Of course, your health journey is a life-long endeavor. We are always available for questions, further education, and ongoing support as you continue to down the path to a healthy, pain-free life.

  • 90-Minute Assessment Callout

    90-Minute Assessment

    Every person has a unique story. During a 90-minute assessment, we examine your history and the potential sources of your condition.

    Schedule a 90-minute assessment

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