Mary Peripheral Neuropathy

Mary Peripheral Neuropathy

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Dr. Robert:

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Sharon Peripheral Neuropathy

Real help from acute daily pain

This patient was experiencing acute pain daily. She had muscle and leg cramps at night, and she woke up with pain every morning and could not even touch the side of her jaw or ears. She described the pain as an “eleven out of ten.” However, with only a month of treatments at Functional Medicine Center of MN, the “eleven out of ten” pain is gone!

Plus, she had neuropathy in her legs and feet for over 15 years, which she believes was initially caused by a lower-back injury from years ago. The neuropathy resulted in progressively losing feeling in her left leg and foot, and the numbness was moving to her right foot. The pain, cramping, and numbness caused her to be very unsteady, and she worried about falling. However, after treatments, her balanced has improved dramatically.

See regained her balance AND her life – free from acute daily pain!

It’s never too late to start living a pain-free life free from the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.


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Digestive Issues Grid

Digestive Issues

Rewrite for digestive issues.

Leaky Gut
Food Allergies
Food Intolerance
Crohns’s Disease
Parasitic Infections
Acid Reflux
Hiatal hernia

Chronic knee pain can be caused by many different things. Some common symptoms of knee pain begin with an injury or repeated stress on the knee. Painful knees can also be attributed to aging.

If you have knee pain, you know how much it impacts the quality of your life. And you’ve also probably heard (or tried) many ways to make it better. At the Functional Medicine Center and Chiropractic Center in Buffalo, Minnesota, we consider the whole person and the essential systems within your body to determine a plan to help you heal. We address the root cause, not simply the symptoms of knee pain, to give you an improved range of motion and pain-free movement, without injections, harmful drugs, or surgery.

Our patients are the proof! We’ve helped people of all ages get relief from chronic knee pain. Check out these videos featuring some of our patients talking about how they achieved relief at Functional Medicine Center of MN.


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Julie Peripheral Neuropathy Video

Yes, you can trust functional medicine to relieve pain

Neuropathy has plagued this patient for over 30 years. She has always been very active yet suffered from peripheral neuropathy pain she described as “walking on razor blades and pins and needles and can’t feel hot or cold.”  She made the decision to trust the process at Functional Medicine Center of MN to get relief. After just six weeks of treatment, she saw amazing improvement in the pain and was even able to experience the cool sensation of water for the first time in years.

She initially sought treatment from the conventional medical world but had reactions to the medication, and the treatments simply didn’t work. At Functional Medicine Center of MN, her treatment plan included a variety of treatments;  quantum neurology, quantum neuro reset therapy (QNRT), and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF).

See why this patient puts her trust in functional medicine

Don’t let peripheral neuropathy pain keep you from an active lifestyle. Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.


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Dennis Peripheral Neuropathy Video

Relief from tingling fingers

Numb, painful, or tingling fingers are fairly common peripheral neuropathy conditions that we treat at Functional Medicine Center of MN. Tingling or numb fingers is a partial or total loss of sensation in your fingers. It’s often described as a tingling or prickling like someone was lightly pricking you with a needle. Sometimes it can even feel like burning. In addition to being painful or uncomfortable, finger tingling or numbness often affects your ability to pick things up or perform simple daily tasks like cooking or writing a check. At Functional Medicine Center of MN, we’ve helped hundreds of Minnesotans restore function and get pain-free relief from tingling fingers.

This patient’s story is very typical of the results we achieve. With just five visits, he’s already experiencing feeling in his fingers and getting relief from the pain and discomfort of the tingling in his fingers. Check out this short video.

Do tingling fingers keep you from enjoying life?

You don’t have to live with the pain and discomfort of numb, painful, or tingling fingers. Learn more about how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment


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Dennis: …I come to see Dr. Young for the tingling in my hands. I used to have no feelings except for tingling, and I couldn’t feel anything that I had to pick up. If I was going to pick up a pencil, I had to watch it to see that I had it in my hands.

Dennis: And since we’ve been working on it, I have my feelings back. I used to didn’t have any feelings. I couldn’t feel myself if I cut my finger. And now I can feel my fingernail in there. So I got my feeling back, and the tingling is disappearing. It’s not as bad as it used to be.

Clinician: About how long has it been that you’ve been coming here to our office?

Dennis: This is probably my fifth appointment with that.

Clinician: So if you know of somebody that has tingling in their hands or can’t feel with their fingers what would you suggest they do?

Dennis: I would suggest them to get ahold of Doctor. Come down and see him. He can help you.

Clinician: All right.

Dennis: Very, very good.

Clinician: Thank you, Dennis.


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