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Syntonics is a holistic therapy that harnesses the therapeutic potential of specific light frequencies delivered through the eyes to promote balance within the autonomic nervous system.

Your eyes are amazing organs that detect light and send signals along the optic nerve to the brain. However, not all light-sensitive retinal nerves in your eyes are used exclusively for vision. Some connect directly to non-visual brain centers in your nervous system that help to regulate electrical, chemical, and hormonal balances throughout the body, impacting all bodily functions. Your eyes help regulate your heart rate, digestion, breathing, immune response, and other vital processes that help keep your body functioning correctly.

When the autonomic nervous system gets out of balance, shifting towards a “fight or flight” response, it can exacerbate a range of health issues, from emotional struggles to physical ailments. That imbalance redirects resources away from essential healing processes, often leaving you on edge, tired, inflamed, and more vulnerable to various health challenges.

For some of our patients who suffer from chronic health issues, Syntonics helps by restoring equilibrium to an imbalanced autonomic nervous system, encouraging your body to shift into a more restful, healing state. This allows for improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, and toxin elimination, reducing inflammation and supporting your body’s ability to heal.

Depression and anxiety also often have roots in an imbalanced autonomic nervous system. Syntonics is a valuable tool to help break this cycle and calm the nervous system. Restoring balance to the autonomic system allows your body to prioritize healing, reduce stress, and support overall well-being.

By addressing the root cause of these conditions, Syntonics can complement traditional therapies and provide a natural and holistic approach to improving overall health.

Feel better without medication or surgery.

At Functional Medicine Center Of MN, we’ve helped hundreds of people with chronic health issues get their life back without surgery and medication.

Traditional medicine does not look for the underlying causes of your chronic pain or health issues. It simply manages symptoms, most often with medication, or even surgery. At Functional Medicine Center Of MN, we first identify the underlying source of your pain or condition, then we develop a personalized care plan and path for your restoration to health. It starts with a comprehensive 90-minute assessment at our office. Get on your path to a better life.