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As an electrical lineman for over 40 years, this patient’s work was pretty tough on the knees. He had been getting injections of cortisone in his left knee for about eight years and was at the point where his doctor told him the hydrocortisone was actually doing more damage than good and he would need a knee replacement. Wanting to avoid knee replacement surgery, he visited Dr. Robert and the team at Functional Medicine Center of MN. Not only did Functional Medicine Center of MN help him get relief from years of chronic knee pain AND avoid knee surgery, but he also got relief from back spasms. He’s gained incredible mobility, and for the first time in many years, he is even considering beginning to jog again!

Avoid knee-replacement surgery

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Dan: My name is Dan. I was an electrical lineman for 40 years plus. And it’s pretty tough on the knees. The last seven to eight years, I’ve been getting injections of cortisone in my left knee, and I was right at the point where my doctor was telling me that the hydrocortisone was actually doing more damage than good and I was needing to get a knee replacement.

Dr. Robert: Like, what kind of pains were you dealing with, and what kind of, how was it hampering your life?

Dan: Oo, the pains in my knee, I had probably maybe a third of the mobility in my knee that I had probably from about six-eight years before that. I had, it was, it was just stiff. And very, very sore if I tried to bend, if I tried to squat or anything it would almost I’d almost would let me fall because it was that painful. And so…

Dr. Robert: And then what about your back? How is that doing?

Dan: Oh, my back, yeah, my back has been phenomenal. I had back I’ve had back spasms really bad for probably the last between three and four years, and after about three or four treatments in here between the microcurrent and Dr. Robert working on me, I have not had a spasm now in my back for a couple of weeks. It’s phenomenal…

Dr. Robert: That’s the first time

Dan: In it’s in about four years.

Dr. Robert: Four years. Yes, awesome. And then, how are your knees doing now?

Dan: My knees right now. I can go up and down stairs. There’s some stiffness in it, but I think it’s more for me just not being used to walking correctly because I had been limping on my left knee, especially but both knees, for probably the last eight-nine years. So I am absolutely, totally happy with what’s going on here.

Dr. Robert: Yeah. And what hope would you give for others that if they’re dealing with, you know, similar same stuff?

Dan: Well, from I remember seeing an x-ray on my knee, and if they could straighten that knee out here to get me to the point where I can walk now, and I’m having hopes that in a couple of months, I might be able to start jogging again. I think it can help just about anybody because my knee looked terrible on an MRI, so…

Dr. Robert: So there’s hope for others

Dan: Absolutely. Totally all right. Well worth it, yeah.

Dr. Robert: Well, thank you for sharing.

Dan: You bet.

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