Bone-on-bone to dancing with no knee pain

After having knee replacement surgery on one of his knees, this patient didn’t want to go through that again. The post-surgical pain in his replaced knee and bone-on-bone pain in his other knee made it hard to sleep at night, let alone walk comfortably. Going up and down stairs pain-free was completely out of the question. As a last resort, before having surgery on his other knee, he made an appointment with Functional Medicine Center of MN. In under a month, both of his knees (even the surgical one) feel much better. He says he can dance now and even run up and down the stairs. He is ecstatic because he avoided another knee surgery AND gained pain-free mobility in just a few weeks!

Alternative help for bone-on-bone knee pain

Do you have knee pain, and have you been told you’ll likely need knee replacement surgery? Learn more about how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help you potentially avoid knee surgery, gain mobility, and begin to live pain-free. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.


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Mark: My name is Mark Warford. I’ve been coming here for about a month now. I, well, this is my last resort. I’ve had one knee replaced, and my pediatric or my orthopedic surgeon says this one should be done, too. Since I’ve been coming here, my knees, both my knees, feel much better, even the surgical one. I feel, I’m feeling very good, you know, not even mentioning how well my hands feel now so.

Dr. Robert: Yeah. What was the trouble with your knees like pain-wise before coming in?

Mark: Bone on bone, uh, scraping, uh, pain waking me up at night. You know I’ve had cortisone shots through my doctor and that orthopedic surgeon, and you know they’d last for anywhere from two weeks to maybe a month. Then they’d be right back to the same old thing again.

Dr. Robert: Yeah. And then even going up and down stairs now? How’s that?

Mark: I can dance and run up and down stairs now feel great

Dr. Robert: Very good. Any advice for anyone who’s, uh, heard of, you know, maybe having bone and bone pain didn’t know there’s anything they could do besides the surgery? Any recommendations you would give?

Mark: Oh yeah. So I didn’t… I’ve never really been happy with my surgical knees, so this is the last place I… like my last chance to come, you know, because I do not want surgery again.

Dr. Robert: Yeah. And what do you feel the result has been like? Very good? Like not gonna need surgery?

Mark: I don’t think I’ll be needing knee surgery, so I’m feeling very well…

Dr. Robert: Pretty good. Okay


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