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Constant Knee Pain To Exercising In Less Than Two Weeks

Exercising with knee pain can be unbearable, if not impossible. In this video, a recent clinic patient describes her healing journey from constant knee pain to exercising in just two weeks at Functional Medicine Center of MN. She lived with debilitating, constant chronic knee pain for over a dozen years. Walking up and down stairs or after a long car ride was incredibly difficult and painful. After less than two weeks and four sessions with Dr. Robert and the team at Functional Medicine Center of MN, she is not only walking virtually pain-free, she is even able to exercise.

Does knee pain keep you from activities you love?

Are you living with knee pain, or do you have trouble exercising because of knee pain? Learn more about how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.

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Lynn: I’m from Elk River, and I came to Dr. Robert because I’ve had severe pain in my knees. I would say about a six; it was really difficult for me to walk just normally and up and down the stairs. It was just very painful. I wouldn’t even be able to do the stairs correctly. I do the crab walk, or I’d be pulling myself all the time with my arms to get up and down the stairs to kind of alleviate the pain.

Lynn: I took a chance one day when I felt a little bit better and went for like a mile walk and when I came back, I felt not too bad, but when I came back home, there were three days where I was in such intense pain with my knees that I could not walk. It was horrible. And also, when I’ve had long car rides, I’d get out of the car or try to pull myself out of the car, and I could barely walk. I’d have to just start out really slow, trying to get my footing and kind of make myself start walking so I could keep going and still in pain, but at least I’d get myself going.

Dr. Robert: How many years have you been dealing with this?

Lynn: I would say about twelve years.

Dr. Robert: Twelve years.

Lynn: Yeah.

Dr. Robert: And when you came in, the pain in the knees was constant. Anytime you’d walk, you’d have the pain.

Lynn: Yeah.

Dr. Robert: Yeah, got it, and so what’s different now after two weeks?

Lynn: This is my this is the beginning of my second week

Dr. Robert: Beginning of the second week, so it’s been how many treatments?

Lynn: Four.

Dr. Robert: Four treatments.

Lynn: Four treatments, and it’s been amazing. I just walked up and down the hall with absolutely no pain.

Dr. Robert: Amazing, right?

Lynn: Yes, and trying to do exercises and trying to do deep knee lifts or anything. I could never do that for quite some time.

Dr. Robert: And now, what are you doing

Lynn: I’m doing them, and it’s wonderful.

Dr. Robert: Yeah.

Lynn: It makes me feel like myself again.

Dr. Robert: Yeah. I love to hear that, feel like yourself again, so well, thank you for sharing.

Lynn: Thanks.

Feel better without medication or surgery.

Are you living with knee pain, or do you have trouble exercising because of knee pain? Functional Medicine Center of MN can help you potentially avoid knee surgery, gain mobility, and begin to live pain-free. It starts with a comprehensive 90-minute assessment at our office. Get on your path to a better life.