Natural diabetic neuropathy relief

Diabetic neuropathy caused a host of painful symptoms for this patient, including trouble walking, leg sores, writing, and even difficulting concentrating. After visiting Dr. Robert and seeking treatment at Functional Medicine Center of MN, her help took a fantastic turn for the better. Improved circulation in her legs has helped the painful sores to heal up. She walks upright without a cane! Now she can write easily and legibly without any problem. In fact, after not seeing her for about six months, her daughter came for a visit to help with her health concerns and was surprised at how well she was doing. She was like a different person. Even her memory and mind have seen a fantastic improvement.

It is possible to reverse the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

Natural functional medicine treatments can reverse the painful symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.


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Betty: My name is Betty.

Dr. Robert: And what did you come in for?

Betty: I came if for diabetic neuropathy, and it was bad. I was walking with a cane and waddling all over. Now I’m walking without a cane and straight. My sores on my legs, and because of the good circulation, I’m getting now, and I’ve healed up. I’m able to write well again.

Dr. Robert: You notice improving your writing.

Betty: I was writing smaller and scratchy, and now I’m writing back to normal. And my mind has improved.

Dr. Robert: Memory.

Betty: Yes, my memory has gotten much better, so I am on the mend and feeling great about it.

Dr. Robert: I’m so happy that you know everything is getting better, and that’s what you would say.

Betty: I am so, so thankful for this.

Dr. Robert: What did your daughter say? She hasn’t seen you in a little while.

Betty: No, she hasn’t seen me in about six months. She said, “Oh Mom, you’re doing so well.” You know she was concerned about me, and she wanted to come home and check me out. She was really pleased.

Dr. Robert: Well, thank you for sharing.

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