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Chronic knee pain can be caused by many different things. Some common symptoms of knee pain begin with an injury or repeated stress on the knee. Painful knees can also be attributed to aging.

If you have knee pain, you know how much it impacts the quality of your life. And you’ve also probably heard (or tried) many ways to make it better. At the Functional Medicine Center and Chiropractic Center in Buffalo, Minnesota, we consider the whole person and the essential systems within your body to determine a plan to help you heal. We address the root cause, not simply the symptoms of knee pain, to give you an improved range of motion and pain-free movement, without injections, harmful drugs, or surgery.

Our patients are the proof! We’ve helped people of all ages get relief from chronic knee pain. Check out these videos featuring some of our patients talking about how they achieved relief at Functional Medicine Center of MN.


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