Hand and foot numbness relief after one treatment

Hand and foot numbness or tingling in the hands and feet can be caused by a variety of underlying health issues.  This patient came to Functional Medicine Center of MN after suffering from the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy for nearly a decade, which resulted in numbness, swelling, and pain in her feet and hands.  After the very first mud-packing treatment, the patient was able to actually feel her toes when the rinsed the mud off her feet. The swelling in her hand was also greatly reduced after just two treatments.

You can get the feeling back in your hands and feet.

Natural treatments can reverse the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, including hand and foot numbness and tingling. Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.

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Tanya: I’m Tanya, and I have come here to get help with neuropathy from being diabetic for many years. And I had mud packing done today for the first time. I guess some of the things I noticed was that when we did my feet the first time–when they rinsed the mud off my feet–I could actually feel my toes. It tickled to have water on them.

Tanya: I haven’t felt them for probably eight years. And then, as we did some other areas of my body, I felt a wave of heat go from my waist to my feet. It went up and down several times, which was a really weird sensation. My legs actually started to sweat, So that was something that was new–that I could actually feel that.

Tanya: I’ve got a cast on my hand, and when I came in, the top part of my hand was all swollen. And after the first packing, you could see that the swelling has really gone down–that it looks more like my other hand. You can see the space between the cast.

Dr. Robert: And that wasn’t there before?

Tanya: Yes, that wasn’t there before.

Dr. Robert: So, the sling went down your hand after that?

Tanya: Yes. So, it’s a big thing to me. Hopefully, as I feel my toes more, I can be a little more comfortable and maybe not be so clumsy.


Dr. Robert: Okay. Any recommendations? If somebody is thinking, ‘well, could this possibly help for peripheral neuropathy in my feet?’ You know, mud packing as something that you’ve experienced and–you know– it’s been a good experience, I imagine.

Tanya: Yep.

Dr. Robert: Something you’d recommend?

Tanya: I would recommend it so far. This is only my second day in here with treatment. So, at this point I’d say ‘yeah, totally go for it. It’s worth it.’

Dr. Robert: Okay.

Tanya: I haven’t felt my feet this much for eight or ten years, probably.

Dr. Robert: That’s an amazing testimonial with just mud packing, fixing these interference fields.

Tanya: Yep.

Dr. Robert: Well, thank you very much.

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