Jim’s Journey To Knee Pain And Lymphedema Relief

Functional Medicine Center of MN helped Jim get relief from the excruciating knee pain in his left knee and the discomfort he was experiencing from lymphedema in both legs. From not being able to walk for more than five minutes without resting to strolling the casino with his wife, Jim’s health journey is definitely on the right path. With the inevitability of knee replacement surgery looming, his wife learned of our Functional Medicine Center of MN clinic in Buffalo, MN. Plus, in addition to the relief from the knee pain and lymphedema, Jim has lost nearly 30 pounds, As Jim says, “Come on in and let the doctors work on you and the staff work on you and you’ll be happy with the results.” Check Jim’s story below.


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Jim: I am Jim McGuire. I came here because I needed a left knee replacement, and I also have lymphedema in both of my legs. Well, when I needed the knee replacement, which started around the beginning of April, I could not walk for more than five minutes and not have to sit down. Excruciating pain. But my wife had seen online that if you come here that you will not need a knee replacement. Well, that’s what I did, and as of August 24th, I do not need a knee replacement, and the lymphedema in my leg, my legs were like tree trunks as my wife would say. Couldn’t see my feet because they were so swollen, my ankles and my legs. I’d have to wear compression stockings which were terribly hard to get on. Well, as of the 24th of August my legs and feet are doing spectacular, and I don’t have to wear anything except for socks.

Dr. Robert: yeah. Um, now you have shoes that don’t fit you because

Jim: Yes, now I have some other shoes that are almost too big for me to wear because my feet have gone back down.

Dr. Robert: Yeah, and then um, does it hurt to walk at all with your knee?

Jim: Occasionally, but nothing like it used to be. It used to be I couldn’t walk at all. And now I can walk to a casino like I did the other night with no knee problems, and my wife was so happy to see that.

Dr. Robert: And then how much how many pounds have you lost?

Jim: I am down 27 pounds as of July 20th.

Dr. Robert: And then that’s all in about a month.

Jim: Yeah, six weeks.

Dr. Robert: Pretty amazing changes, and you’ve done, you’ve done the work.

Jim: Yeah. So with your help. Yeah.

Dr. Robert: Thank you. Yeah, you’ve done hard work, though.

Jim: Thanks.

Dr. Robert: All right, well, any recommendations if people have knee pain or…?

Jim: Yeah. Come on in and let the doctors work on you and the staff work on you, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Dr. Robert: Well, thank you for sharing.


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