Last hope before knee-replacement surgery

A recent patient was struggling with chronic knee pain and general aches and pains for years. The doctors he visited in the past couldn’t identify the problems or provide workable solutions for his symptoms beyond surgery. He wanted an alternative to knee replacement surgery. He came to Functional Medicine Center of MN to relieve his knee pain and avoid knee surgery. When he visited our clinic in Buffalo, MN, for his evaluation, he measured his knee pain at about an eight out of ten. After a personalized treatment program, his knee pain is virtually nonexistent. As an added benefit, other aches and pains he had been experiencing are also resolved. He’s happy to report that he is now on a good overall health program and has hope for a healthy and happy future. Watch our patient’s video and view the transcript below.

A proven knee replacement alternative

Have you been told you’ll likely need knee replacement surgery? Learn more about how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help you potentially avoid knee surgery, gain mobility, and begin to live pain-free. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.


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Bob: Hi, my name is Bob, and I’m a guy who has been struggling with knee pain for years and especially my left knee. And it just got to where it was about an eight, and I was having a hard time working, walking, just doing everyday life things, and so I was at the next step would to be to get a knee replacement surgery.

My wife happened to on Facebook find Dr. Robert and said you gotta try this, Bob. So we came down and had a great evaluation, and Dr. Robert looked at my knee situation, and I shared that I also, for a number here, struggle with just body aches and pains. I’ve been to different doctors.

They’ve given me tests and say we don’t really find anything wrong with you. But Dr. Robert got worked on my knee got me on a good overall health program, and you know what, I feel great. My knee is down to about but to a zero to two depending on how much I put stress on it, but it’s livable. So I really appreciate just being here and finding hope. That’s what I really appreciate. I’ve looked all over, but now I have hope, and I feel much better.

Dr. Robert: Yeah, how about that pain and achiness that was everywhere? that you’ve been to other doctors for? How is that?

Bob: The pain and achiness is gone, I mean, and I just I feel great, and I thank you for getting me off of all my self-made kind of supplements and stuff. You know thinking I knew what to do and getting me on a good healthy journey. Yeah, appreciate it

Dr. Robert: Very good. Well, thank you for sharing, and you know, I hope anyone else who’s been struggling with similar issues would hear this.

Bob: Absolutely

Dr. Robert: All right, well, thank you very much

Bob: Yeah.

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