Marilyn Peripheral Neuropathy

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Dr. Robert: How long have you had burning in the feet and trouble with that? How many years do you think it’s been?

Marilyn: Oh, I think at least three years, for sure.

Dr. Robert: Three years of burning in the feet. What’s the pattern that would be every day? What would you notice?

Marilyn: Usually, it starts about 6:30 at night, and it would burn sometimes all night. I would have to sleep with a gel pack for my feet.

Dr. Robert: And you wouldn’t sleep well, correct, because of that?

Marilyn: No.

Dr. Robert: And you’d have burning basically every night?

Marilyn: Every night.

Dr. Robert: And the pattern would be–when would it start at night?

Marilyn: About 6:30, when I would sit down and relax, put my feet up, then they would burn.

Dr. Robert: And for about three years, it’s been going on. And now that you’ve been here and worked with me about four times, I believe.

Marilyn: Yes.

Dr. Robert: And what’s the result been?

Marilyn: Oh, it’s wonderful to go to bed without having the burning feet and that acid reflux because when I would turn to my left with the acid, my stomach would just roll.

Dr. Robert: You have had acid reflux for how many years, would you say? Approximately?

Marilyn: I bet you at least 15 years.

Dr. Robert: And now you’re not having it?

Marilyn: Yes.

Dr. Robert: It’s so much better?

Marilyn: Yes.

Dr. Robert: Awesome. If anyone else is having neuropathy, burning in the feet, or even acid reflux and gastrointestinal issues, what would you recommend?

Marilyn: I definitely would recommend you go see Dr. Robert. Wonderful.

Dr. Robert: All right. Well, thank you. Thank you for sharing.


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