From severe to perfect with natural knee pain treatment

Using the natural knee pain treatment at Functional Medicine Center of MN, a patient’s knee pain went from a ten on a scale of one to ten to “almost perfect” in less than a month! She visited the Functional Medicine Center of MN clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota, with chronic knee pain and mobility issues. In just a few weeks, she was walking nearly pain-free without the use of a cane, which has been her constant companion for a long, long time. With her natural knee pain treatment program, she is now able to walk up and down stairs and even squat! Her dedication and commitment to natural, non-surgical health solutions have given her fast results and the freedom to get around without the burden of chronic pain.

Natural knee pain treatment gives a patient mobility that she hasn’t had in years!

Do you use a cane or need help getting around because of chronic knee pain? Learn more about how the Natural Knee Pin Treatments at Functional Medicine Center of MN can help you gain mobility and live pain-free. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.


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Darlene: Hello, I’m Darlene Dawkin. I came in, uh, with severe knee pain. I was rating it at ten when I walked in. Today it’s like, almost perfect. I think it’s perfect. I was having trouble, um, walking. I was using a cane, um, and now no more cane.

Dr. Robert: And what else can you do?

Darlene: Yeah, I had, uh, I can now, I can do stairs. I can squat, which I haven’t been able to do for years. But uh, the pain that I came in with I had, for I don’t know if I said it, I’d had that for about two months before I came in.

Dr. Robert: Yeah, and it was a ten out of ten?

Darlene: It was a ten, yes. So um, yes, I’m very happy with, um, the progress I’ve made. I think I’m about done.

Dr. Robert: Awesome, and it’s been maybe less than a month so far?

Darlene: Something like that. Yeah, about a month, yeah.

Dr. Robert: All right. Well, thank you for sharing.

Darlene: Okay, thank you.

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