Real help from acute daily pain

This patient was experiencing acute pain daily. She had muscle and leg cramps at night, and she woke up with pain every morning and could not even touch the side of her jaw or ears. She described the pain as an “eleven out of ten.” However, with only a month of treatments at Functional Medicine Center of MN, the “eleven out of ten” pain is gone!

Plus, she had neuropathy in her legs and feet for over 15 years, which she believes was initially caused by a lower-back injury from years ago. The neuropathy resulted in progressively losing feeling in her left leg and foot, and the numbness was moving to her right foot. The pain, cramping, and numbness caused her to be very unsteady, and she worried about falling. However, after treatments, her balanced has improved dramatically.

See regained her balance AND her life – free from acute daily pain!

It’s never too late to start living a pain-free life free from the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.


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