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Relief For Chronic Pain And Inflammation

Chronic pain and inflammation issues had been causing this patient pain and discomfort for a long, long time. She had circulation issues in both legs, which were partly the cause of many painful and uncomfortable symptoms. Plus, she had a hip and knee replacement and was told she would need another knee replacement. Her feet felt like she was walking on pillows or broken glass all day long. After five years, the pain and inflammation got progressively got worse. Even though she was a little skeptical, she trusted Functional Medicine Center of MN, and now, after only one week, she felt amazingly better from her toes to her knees.

Shocked and grateful that she felt better after only a week.

Natural treatments can give you your life back, free from chronic pain and inflammation. Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.

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Deb: Hi, I’m Deb, and I have been dealing with a lot of chronic pain and inflammation. I’ve had circulation in my legs and a lot of circulation issues in both legs. I’ve had a hip and a knee replacement. I have a left knee that I was told I needed a knee replacement. My legs feel like my feet feel like I’m walking on pillows from the time I go to bed until I get up in the morning. And I feel like I’m walking on broken glass, just very painful.

Dr. Robert: How long have you been feeling that way?

Deb: So I’ve been having this for, like, about five years and it’s been progressively getting worse. And so I’m like, I’m looking for different alternatives to try to get well, so I came to Dr. Robert, and he said, what can I do for you? And I said I’d like to have a new lower half of my body. I can’t handle this anymore. And he said well, okay, let me take a look at it. So here I’ve been here for one week, and I feel amazingly better. I don’t feel like I’m walking on pillows or broken glass. My knees feel so much better, and I just overall I feel amazingly better.

Dr. Robert: Are you surprised that you feel this good in a week?

Deb: I am shocked, I am shocked, and I’m grateful, and I’m glad that I was recommended to come here. So thank you, Dr. Robert.

Dr. Robert: And who recommended you come here?

Deb: I was recommended by Andrea, and um, I’ve actually talked to another patient of yours that i haven’t even told you about yet. And she, like me, was very skeptical and said she couldn’t stand chiropractors. And you were not going to crack her neck. But she trusted you, and she’s doing amazing, so she highly recommended you. So I’m glad I’m here all right.

Dr. Robert: Well, thank you for sharing.

Deb: Yep, you’re welcome.

Feel better without medication or surgery.

Natural treatments can give you your life back, free from chronic pain and inflammation. Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. It starts with a comprehensive 90-minute assessment at our office. Get on your path to a better life.