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Finally, Sleeping Pain-Free After 25 Years

Sleeping pain-free was just a dream for this recent patient. After a bit of encouragement from her daughter, this 91-year-old decided to visit Functional Medicine Center of MN to finally get relief from the neuropathy pain she had been living with for over 25 years. She had neuropathy in her legs since 1997 and lymphedema in her left leg, which was very swollen, painful, and numb. She also had tendonitis in her ankle. The pain was so bad it often woke her up at night. After just a few treatments at Functional Medicine Center of MN, her feet felt amazing, the numbness was gone, and the pain “disappeared.” She was able to walk pain-free. Plus, the treatments even significantly reduced the swelling in her leg caused by the lymphedema. Watch her video as she describes the pain relief she experienced with our natural functional medicine methods.

Sleeping pain-free is possible.

Does peripheral neuropathy pain keep you up at night? Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. Please contact us or schedule an assessment.

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Kathy: My name is Kathy, and I’m from Sartell, Minnesota, and I am 91 years old. And I’ve had neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, in my leg since 1997. And then I also had tendonitis in my ankle, and it seems like the pain has disappeared. Now and I can walk in my bare feet.

Dr. Robert: What kind of pain levels did you have before coming in? What kind of pain levels would you have if you were barefoot walking?

Kathy: Oh, it’d be about four or five mm-hmm, and it doesn’t really doesn’t hurt at all now

Dr. Robert: and that’s been how many treatments have?

Kathy: I’m just, this is my second one

Dr. Robert: Second one. So we made a big difference.

Kathy: Yes yeah.

Dr. Robert: Okay, and then, um. What other, like the, What was waking you up at night? What were you noticing?

Kathy: Well, uh, when I would wake up, my uh heels would be tingling, and they were kind of numb and pain.

Dr. Robert: And what do you notice different now?

Kathy: Well, no last night I couldn’t notice anything

Dr. Robert: Nothing at all.

Kathy: Didn’t bother my heels at all.

Dr. Robert: And then, before coming in, what else did you have with your fingers?

Kathy: Yeah, I had this uh finger right here that was crooked like that, and now after a couple of treatments, I can just straighten it out. And it was hurting in the palm near to it, and I don’t feel that.

Dr. Robert: Don’t feel that at all?

Kathy: No.

Dr. Robert: And that was after the first day of pelo therapy, mud packing.

Kathy: Yeah, that first day of pelo, it helped.

Dr. Robert: Kind of a lot, um, any comments for people who are younger than you that whether or not they can be helped?

Kathy: Oh goodness, yes. If you’ve got any problems with your legs with neuropathy or anything, I’d sure recommend Dr. Robert.

Dr. Robert: Because you’ve had it for 23 years, and now just, even after their first visit, you noticed differences.

Kathy: Yes. A lot of difference.

Dr. Robert: Well, thank you for sharing

Kathy: It isn’t swollen anymore.

Dr. Robert: That’s right, we forgot to put that in.

Kathy: Oh yeah, I had lymphedema.

Dr. Robert: Where?

Kathy: In my left leg here, it was big and puffy, just like a hard rock, and that is starting to disappear after the first treatment.

Dr. Robert: From the first treatment, you noticed that difference.

Kathy: Yes.

Dr. Robert: And what did your daughter say about it?

Kathy: Oh yeah, my daughter was just amazed. She couldn’t believe it.

Dr. Robert: So very cool. So that swelling has gone down quite a bit.

Kathy: Oh yes, the swellings gone down.

Dr. Robert: Yeah, very good, thank you.

Feel better without medication or surgery.

Does peripheral neuropathy pain keep you up at night? Learn how Functional Medicine Center of MN can help. It starts with a comprehensive 90-minute assessment at our office. Get on your path to a better life.